Rewards Program

in Baltimore, MD

Join Other Rewards Programs

Many of our patients join other rewards programs for continually updated deals & discounts. If you have any questions, contact our offices to learn more about the benefits of each.

Alle Rewards – Join Here

Earn points and gain Silver, Gold, or Diamond membership status by earning rewards points on products like Botox, Latisse, Kybella, Coolsculpting, Cooltone, Juvederm, and more. Redeem your points at a participating Alle provider like the Aesthetic Center at Woodholme to save more on your unique aesthetic journey.

ASPIRE Galderma Rewards – Join Here

Earn rewards through designed treatment plans built to support your entire aesthetic journey. Save more on Aspire Galderma products like Restylane, Dysport, & Sculptra earning anywhere from 200 to 600 points per visit.