In-Op Time: 1-2 Hours


in Baltimore, MD

Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, and Dr. Brown perform rhinoplasty for patients in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Annapolis and the surrounding areas of Maryland. The nose is the central focus of the face, and if you are unhappy with its size or shape, it can bring down your confidence. Rhinoplasty has become one of the most popular surgical procedures in facial plastic surgery. In addition, rhinoplasty can be extremely beneficial to patients who suffer from breathing problems and deviated septums.

What is a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also referred to as a nose job, is a surgical procedure to reshape and resize the nose. A rhinoplasty can focus on the cosmetic appearance of the nose, but can also improve the function of the nose by correcting a deviated septum and opening up the nasal passages. Your nose performs a critical function and when it comes to nose surgery or rhinoplasty, Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, and Dr. Brown are constantly balancing the need to optimize that function while providing the desired results in terms of aesthetics. Schedule your rhinoplasty consultation now and find out more about the benefits of rhinoplasty with Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, or Dr. Brown.

Benefits of a Rhinoplasty

Every nose is different and unique. Because your nose is the centerpiece of your face, any insecurity you may have regarding its shape, size or appearance is magnified, and the constant weight of self-consciousness can be a hidden emotional burden.

A rhinoplasty can address a nose that is:

  •         Too large
  •         Has too much projection
  •         Has a hump on the bridge
  •         Is crooked
  •         Has a tip that is too large/round

Nose reshaping not only addresses these concerns and helps to improve your self-confidence, but it can also improve your breathing by opening your nasal airways. You deserve to have the nose you want. Schedule your consultation now with Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, or Dr. Brown to find out how rhinoplasty could give you a new outlook on life.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Rhinoplasty?

Candidates for the rhinoplasty procedure are those who are unhappy with the shape, size, or projection of their nose or experience difficulty breathing. Some patients may choose to have a rhinoplasty to improve their self-esteem and achieve a nose that is in balance with the rest of their facial features. Others may choose a rhinoplasty procedure after an injury that impacted the shape or angle of the nose or its function. By skillfully addressing in a personalized way the needs of each patient, Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, and Dr. Brown customize their rhinoplasty procedures to meet your exact cosmetic and functional needs.

How is a Rhinoplasty Performed?

The particular technique used for rhinoplasty will vary depending on what each patient requires. It is imperative that you and your surgeon have the same aesthetic goal in mind before the surgery. In order to do this, photographs of the nose can be taken and manipulated on the computer to project the results of your rhinoplasty procedure.

To achieve your ideal nose, Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, and Dr. Brown may do any of the following:

  •         Trim Cartilage
  •         Shave or Reposition Bones
  •         Straighten Nose
  •         Define the Nasal Tip
  •         Build Up a Flat Bridge
  •         Reduce Nostril Size

Typically, this surgery will last one to two hours with minimal post-operative discomfort.

Recovery After a Rhinoplasty

Recovery time after rhinoplasty is about one to two weeks. During the first week, the nose will be covered and movement should be limited to reduce inflammation. Swelling, bruising, and general discomfort can be expected during the first few weeks and can be managed with pain medication. After a rhinoplasty procedure, patients love the improvement in their self-confidence and appearance for years to come.

Your Consultation in Baltimore, MD

Patients of Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, and Dr. Brown consistently love the results of their rhinoplasty procedure and the huge confidence boost these changes bring. Take a moment to look through our before and after images so you can gather an idea of the look you desire for your own nose. At your consultation, you and your doctor will come to a final decision about the best surgical options for you.

Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, and Dr. Brown have performed many successful rhinoplasty procedures on patients from Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Annapolis and the surrounding areas of Maryland and would love a chance to discuss procedural options with you! Contact us at our Baltimore office, the Aesthetic Center at Woodholme, to schedule a consultation for your rhinoplasty and discuss all of your surgical options.