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Important Facts To Know About A Liquid Facelift

The aging process has likely changed your appearance. Losing facial volume and seeing sagging skin and wrinkles appear on your face can make you feel disheartened. Thankfully, there is a way to address these issues without surgery.

What Is a Liquid Facelift?

This treatment uses DERMAL FILLERS TO PLUMP AREAS OF THE FACIAL SKIN that have lost facial volume. When the skin is plumped with the right filler, you will see a reduction of wrinkles and sagging skin. During this treatment patients are primarily injected with hyaluronic acid fillers. Others are injected with poly l lactic acid fillers that also increase collagen production.

The best candidate for this treatment is someone who has a small amount of sagging skin and few wrinkles. Those who have pronounced wrinkles will get more dramatic results with a surgical facelift.

What Is the Liquid Facelift Treatment Session like?

The first step in pursuing liquid facelift treatments is going through a consultation with a qualified surgeon. They will talk to you about your candidacy for the treatment and find out what kind of results you are looking for. They will also examine your facial skin and explain exactly what will happen during the procedure.

In most cases, the procedure begins with the doctor applying a local anesthetic in the area where the injections will be given. This will make you feel more comfortable since it will numb the area.

When the injections are being given, you may notice a little sting. Each injection takes a couple of minutes with the dermal filler being injected over the facial muscles. The entire session is likely to be less than 30 minutes. The time depends on how many injections you will receive.

What Kind of Results Should You Expect?

There is no significant recovery time after a LIQUID FACELIFT. If you notice some bruising, you can cover it with makeup or may decide to take the day off. Your doctor may recommend that you use ice to reduce swelling. You may have to avoid strenuous exercise and exposure to the sun for the first few days after the injection session.

With most fillers, the results will be immediately noticeable. Depending on the area where the injections were given, you will notice that your skin looks smooth and youthful. Areas that used to be hollow will now be plump. There will be a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

What Areas Can Be Targeted with a Liquid Facelift?

Your plastic surgeon or dermatologist can target most areas on your face where you have sagging skin, hollow areas, or fine lines and wrinkles. Areas that are commonly treated using dermal fillers during the liquid facelift include the cheeks, the temples, and the folds between the nose and mouth. Areas around scars, under the eyes, or near the eyebrows can also be treated. Talk to your doctor about reducing jowls.

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If you are ready to do something about sagging skin and wrinkles, contact us today. We would be happy to schedule a consultation where you can meet with Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis, or Dr. Brown. All the staff members at the Aesthetic Center at Woodholme in Baltimore, Maryland, are excited to help individuals who would like to refresh their appearance and feel their best.

Dr. Ira D. Papel is certified in Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Papel earned his B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and his M.D. from Boston University of Medicine. He completed a residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and a fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Papel is considered an international expert in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and facial aesthetic surgery.