What is Daxxify and How is it Different?

Skincare experts are calling Daxxify the new and better Botox for smoothing away wrinkles. The brand-new injectable is exciting in the beauty industry because it can deliver increased longevity and incredible results thanks to a special ingredient.

Does that mean you should give up your regular Botox appointments and make the switch to Daxxify?

That’s certainly up to you. Keep reading along for all of the information you need, regarding this wonderful new wrinkle-smoother that’s been FDA-approved.

The Neuromodulator Difference

Botox Cosmetic as well as brands like Dysport and Xeomin are all classified as neuromodulators, and Daxxify has become the “new kid on the block.” When it comes to smoothing wrinkles away, these neuromodulators perform by temporarily paralyzing the injected muscles. Individuals can address wrinkles including crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines to name a few.

Daxxify is promising in the anti-aging arena because of its unique formula and more natural approach. Each neuromodulator requires a stabilizing protein that allows the neurotoxin to attach to the nerve receptor. This stops the muscle from contracting.

Daxxify is different because it uses a synthetic peptide to create its wrinkle-smoothing power whereas Botox and the rest use human or animal byproducts to achieve this effect. Daxxify consists of a more natural formula base.

Better Aesthetic Advantages

Extensive clinical trials have been performed on Daxxify, and there’s great news on several fronts. For one, the new peptide technology has been found to deliver results that can last between six and nine months. That gives Daxxify two to three times the lasting power of Botox for some patients.

The new wrinkle smoother also seems to be a fix for those patients who have developed Botox resistance. It’s readily absorbable because of its stabilizing peptide. Another benefit of Daxxify is that it seems to kick in quicker than Botox and other neuromodulator injectables. The peptide ingredient appears to act faster and give noticeable results sooner.

Skilled injectors believe that Daxxify doesn’t pull down on the brows when softening the forehead lines. Botox and its cousins all require strategic needle injections to avoid drooping brows. Daxxify can maintain a lifted brow and open eye area without issue.

Most Revolutionary Beauty Treatment

Neuromodulators such as Botox remain the number one most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide. In the United States alone, 7.4 million people received these injections in 2022. Daxxify is another beauty tool in the Botox toolbox for effectively softening facial lines and wrinkles.

It’s pricier, but for many patients, the results last longer, which means fewer appointments.

Skilled Daxxify Injectors Matter

When it comes to any aesthetic treatment or procedure, you want to choose wisely. Always look for a board-certified plastic surgeon and practice. At the Aesthetic Center at Woodholme Dr. Papel, Dr. Kontis and Dr. Brown are all board-certified doctors. At the Aesthetic Center at Woodholme, you can receive safe and outstanding results from our highly qualified experts.

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