Your Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most common treatments used to reduce unwanted hair. While shaving and waxing are also the norm, their drawbacks continue to push both men and women toward other options. If you’re CONSIDERING LASER HAIR REMOVAL, then there are some things to know about it. Here’s how you can achieve smooth, hair-free skin this summer.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

There are a lot of misconceptions about laser hair removal. It actually involves a beam of light that damages the hair growth mechanisms in the individual hair follicles. This means it can achieve very targeted treatment without damaging the surrounding skin. So, it doesn’t actually zap away hair – nor does it achieve immediate results. However, it’s very safe and effective permanent hair removal treatment with multiple treatment sessions.

How To Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

There are a few ways you should prepare for your LASER HAIR REMOVAL SESSION. This includes avoiding direct sun exposure and stopping the use of tanning beds. This is because light skin reacts better to laser hair removal. If your skin is affected by UV light before your treatment, it can negatively affect your results. Dark hair is more beneficial for individuals who undergo laser hair removal. Additionally, avoid waxing or plucking before your treatment – a hair shaft is necessary for a successful laser hair removal process. Your laser hair removal technician will let you know when to shave ahead of your session for best results.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Cleanliness is essential to any laser hair removal treatment. Before treatment, your area will be cleansed with soap and water. This gets rid of excess oils and bacteria that can cause skin irritation. A numbing agent will then be applied so you’re comfortable during treatment. Most people can easily tolerate laser hair removal treatment. Compared to waxing, the treatment is considerably more comfortable and can minimize the potential for irritation. Most often, it feels like a slight prickle or rubber band “snap.”

You’ll be given eye shields for protection. Once the handpiece is applied, very fast pulses of light will emit from the laser. This light will cover the area for several minutes to remove unwanted hair from each hair follicle. Cooling gel is used to prevent heat buildup throughout. Finally, you can return home after your laser treatment.

What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal

Once your body hair removal session is complete, your laser hair removal specialist will explain how to care for your treated skin. This includes avoiding sunlight, using daily sunscreen, and avoiding certain active ingredients. Your skin skin may look red (similar to sunburn) for a few days after each session, but this subsides. The treated hair will gradually fall out and you’ll see as much as 30% reduction in hair growth with each treatment session.

When Is The Best Time To Get Laser Hair Removal?

There is no “wrong” time of the year to get laser hair removal. Many people prefer to start laser hair removal treatments in the spring. Once summer comes, many prefer less hassle with hair removal before wearing swimsuits or other summer outfits. Additionally, laser hair removal may be more effective in the springtime. This is because of the contrast between the skin and hair. Since skin can be especially pale in the early spring, this contrast helps draw the darker pigment of the follicle so that treatment can be achieved even more quickly.

Although many people prefer the spring for hair removal treatments, it can be done during any season.

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Dr. Ira D. Papel is certified in Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Papel earned his B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and his M.D. from Boston University of Medicine. He completed a residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and a fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Papel is considered an international expert in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and facial aesthetic surgery.