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Breast Augmentation Procedures with a Variety of Implants

At the AESTHETIC CENTER AT WOODHOLME in Baltimore, we offer a wide variety of breast augmentation procedures including implants to enlarge the breasts or to change the shape of the breasts. This type of surgery can also lift your natural breast tissue to overcome the problems associated with breasts that droop from the aging process or motherhood. Women who have lost weight often have problems with sagging breasts, and also, women who have experienced several pregnancies are more likely to have drooping breasts. The effects of breast cancer can also be addressed with breast implants to replace the volume of natural breast tissue removed during mastectomy. In some cases, the breasts will lose volume as the fatty tissue in the body parts decline.

In short, there are many reasons to consider breast augmentation and just as many options for your procedure. Here is what you can expect from a breast augmentation procedure at our office.

Arrange a Consultation With Dr. Brown

DR. BROWN performs a physical examination in addition to asking questions about your reasons for desiring a BREAST AUGMENTATION or breast implant surgery. He will also perform three-dimensional imaging using the CRISALIX SYSTEM to help you choose the right size implant. You can also try on different size implants in your bra at this time. Another option to consider is smooth or textured breast implants, making the procedure customizable for the look and feel that you desire. A consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brown will help determine any health problems, including but not limited to high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus.

Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Today, there are numerous types of breast implants to choose from, and some of these implants are specialized to provide more support for the tissues or to match your breast shape better. Gummy bear breast implants are one of the newest types of devices that are used for a mammoplasty, and the gel will remain in place even if the outer covering is damaged. This offers benefits for a patient who may have an injury at a later time that causes a severe blow to the chest. Silicone implants are the original type of device used for breast augmentation surgery, and these are now made with sturdier coverings to prevent a rupture.

Benefits from Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants are filled with water that contains salt, and if the breast implant ruptures, then the water is absorbed by the body’s tissues. It is important to remember that the risks of breast implants are minimal, but you may need to have them replaced later for other reasons. Breast implants are made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures to match the overlying natural breast or to change a woman’s appearance. There are smooth implants that may move around slightly within the body, but there are also textured implants that adhere to the inner tissues to remain in place. YOUR CONSULTATION with Dr. Brown will be essential in determining the best kind of implant for you and your body.

Fewer Visible Incisions

If you are worried about having visible incisions, Dr. Brown can insert your implants through the armpit, leaving no scars on the breast. Unlike most surgeons, Dr. Brown is able to perform this operation endoscopically, so that the implant can be placed in a very natural position with only an armpit incision. In other cases, you might choose to have the implants placed through an incision below the breast or on the areola. You will have a scar from this type of breast augmentation procedure, but today, with the proper care, scar tissue heals quickly and it isn’t as visible as in the past. Regardless of the incision chosen, Dr. Brown takes the best care to minimize scarring, which will heal over time to be barely visible.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

There are many questions to be answered about whether saline or silicone implants are best for you. The best way to learn more about breast augmentation, implant types, and which are best for you is to SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION with Dr. Brown and our team of plastic surgeons at the AESTHETIC CENTER AT WOODHOLME. Contact us today at 410-415-9229 to learn more about breast augmentation in Baltimore.

Dr. Ira D. Papel is certified in Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Papel earned his B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and his M.D. from Boston University of Medicine. He completed a residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and a fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Papel is considered an international expert in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and facial aesthetic surgery.